If slaughterhouses had glass walls , we would all be vegetarian – Paul McCartney

Just an Average Day

Morning 7:00 AM  .. alarm .. snooze … snooze again… and again .. Ok I’m up

Breakfast :  1 Litre water , black tea , porridge oats made with water or almond milk , topped with chia seeds strawberries and a tsp of peanut butter

9:00 AM Time for work need to power walk gonna be late … banana for energy quick to digest and not bad as a pre work snack….

5:30 PM Still alive shift done , starving wheres the food .. cous cous , peppers mixed in sweet potatos with chilli flakes all topped with salt and pepper …. I’m good for about an hour…

Hour later need more food .. pineapple or melon for a snack too hungry eats both..

7:00PM Late for the gym , boxfit , nearly dies , sweating before the warm up , class over , get me Home.

Shit forgot about dinner , does my lunch count? runs around kitchen like a headless chicken .. Vegetable stir fry with soy sauce , Im saved

Shower , Exfoliate , Moisturise , Pygammas, Bed….



In The Beginning

So it’s been over a year since my last post so let me just clarify how the first year of being vegan went.. BAD!

OK so it’s a hell of a lot harder than expected

Lets go back to the beginning , eating out for one , when you say to the waiter you just want vegetables and they bring you back roasted veg covered in a sauce which probably has dairy in it but the waiter thinks it’s OK because your Vegetarian. NO PAL there’s a difference I need something with no dairy and no meat. Why, why, whyyyy can’t restaurants understand this.

Peer pressure. So it’s your casual Friday night in with your girls , the night will consist of overall relationship advice , counselling, laughing , snapchats , possibly some wine and dare I say it CHOCOLATE . Yes chocolate that little bar of deliciousness, ten pounds of fat that’ll take 347 burpees to work off your body. “Just have one piece, your not hurting the animal, not eating chocolate isn’t going to change the world or make any difference”

Living with people who think overall your crazy and still going through phases at twenty one rather than a lifestyle change. So they continue to buy non vegan food in the hope that if they make dinner one night your still going to eat it.

Ok so no I won’t change the world and no I may not even make a difference in the slightest, but I’ve seen what these animals go through and it just feels morally wrong in every sense to continue eating products that were made through their suffering…  Is it worth it ? For the price of a cow having her baby torn away and sent for auction and slaughter only to have the process continue all over again in an unhealthy environment where these animals don’t have space to move freely , some are on strong courses of antibiotics to treat sicknesses they may have and those infections , chemicals , drugs are then going into the dairy that is used to make your chocolate , milk , cheese and don’t be fooled if you think it stops there dairy is not only in these foods but it’s included in most forms of processed foods , some pastas , and even in rice . So it’s pretty much everywhere.

The first year of being vegan was mainly reading the back of foods to see if it was vegan.As you could imagine I made more than my share of hiccups. Making rice or pasta reading the packet later and noticing the word dairy while all I wanted to do was get a toothbrush and throw it back up.

In the last few months I found myself becoming comfortable again with eating dairy and just going vegetarian because vegan was “too hard” … Everything in life is hard, my five year old self is mocking me right now , I don’t think my five year old self walked into school to sit with 23 like minded strangers learn English , Irish , Maths ,  among other subjects and then thought “this is too hard” no our five year old selves did it. When we fell and scraped our knees we got back up.  Giving up something when it’s everything you want because it’s difficult is crazy, everything you’ve done as a child was difficult.

So here I am otrying to be vegan once again . Let’s hope round two goes better !


Eat Well , Live Well !


As a member in the gym, nutrition is key. One thing we are always informed is you cannot outrun a bad diet! Even as I worked as a trainee horse riding instructor it was always important to inform my clients to eat well and encourage a balanced diet.

So what is a balanced diet? Well , we are told we need a balance of meat , fish , poultry , dairy , fruits , nuts, veg and so on , but when we look at statistics how true is it ? Did our ancestors really NEED all this food 100 years ago ! ?

I recently , in the last month or so , have changed my diet and lifestyle to vegan after watching “Meet your Meat” on youtube , I will post the link but please be aware this may not be for the faint hearted but if you want to continue to purchase these animal made products you might as well know exactly what you are supporting by doing so.  I now no longer buy, eat or use animal products, yes that includes chocolate, unless its dairy free I wont eat it!  Since doing so , my fitness levels have noticeably improved along with my energy levels, I have dropped around six pounds so far and I feel great!!

I decided to make this blog because I am so shocked by the amount of people that are not supportive of my new change . At first I questioned why but the answer was pretty clear , why is it that we numb ourselves to the pain and suffering that occurs behind closed doors? Or in this case factory walls, we turn a blind eye and would rather pretend it is not there than face reality, the answer is simple because it’s easier than dealing with the issue , no this does not make it OK but when you don’t pay it any attention you don’t have to deal with the guilt that it causes . Humans are compassionate by nature , but from culture we have become desynthesized to the cruelty being perpetrated in these industries.

I just want to make people aware, it is your choice what you put into your body , I do not want to force my beliefs or opinions on anybody because everyone is entitled to they’re own , I am just here to tell the truth which is how these animals are treated for the sake of your bacon and eggs , the conditions they are kept in on these factory farms and the suffering they are experiencing . I want to speak for those who can’t speak themselves. What you do with this truth is entirely up to you.

Slavery is slavery and murder is murder just because it is a different species does not change the definition.

I am new to this vegan lifestyle so any support and tips you guys might have would be amazing, also new to blogging, so comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions on what you want to know would be appreciated!

If your thinking about becoming vegan please have a look at the video in the link below, I found it very helpful from the peta website , also share it with your friends guys !  #FriendsNotFood

The Facebook Backlash

Hey guys !

So in my last post I mentioned that I wasn’t getting a lot of support for my vegan lifestyle , due to this reason I may have had a rant on facebook , as we all do at some point , explaining why I have changed to vegan and explaining some points I had learned about factory farming , not claiming everything is fact but just basing it on documentary’s and articles I have read. The response I received in my inbox was shocking.

My intentions by the way are not to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings , my only intentions are to spread the word and help make some form of a difference . Anyway let me know what are your thoughts on the controversial post? Please excuse my spellings , grammar and any colourful language I may have used my apologies in advance….

“Huge rant ! So before I get 101 messages saying to stop pushing my views at people ! I am not forcing any vegan views on anyone ! I’m just handing you the truth , what you do with that is up to you 💖
Ignorance is bliss we would rather not know the truth so we don’t have to feel bad about it ! Get off my status if you don’t wanna know please 😂x
For the record this is just going by what I’ve found so far , as far as I know it’s fairly accurate but I can’t be 110 percent sure 👌 you can look it up for yourself on websites like vegan Ireland peta and daily vegan 👌
OK so let’s point out the obvious and just let me make this clear , an animal is alive , like us it fears pain and would like to stay alive 😂 an animal has a nervous system , similar to our own, meaning it feels pain!! 🙈
There is NO HUMANE way to slaughter a living creature , in order to get your lovely burger , the animals blood needs to be drained so it has to be alive when doing so , the gun used before hand does not kill the animal ! it puts them into shock , most cases the animal will be awake while having its blood drained , still alive on its way to slaughter 🙈 Slaughter is slaughter and slavery is slavery!! Just because it’s a different species does not change the definition!!
Ok so what about milk and your lovely dairy products, ‪#‎chocolate‬ 😍, in order to get milk , the cow must be pregnant ,it’s baby is then taken and killed or sold for meat, doesn’t sound so bad till you actually see the cows reaction to her baby being torn away. 🙈

We are the ONLY species that drinks another species milk! Would you drink a chimps milk? No ?that’s weird! ? Well why would that be weird when a chimp is the closest species to a human ? Yet it’s ok to drink cows milk? Makes no sense lads!! ‪#‎Cowspiracy‬ 😂
Milk decreases your bone density !! Why ? Because your not a fucking cow guys ! 😂 we do not look like cows , we are not built like cows , so why are you putting they’re milk into you’re body! 😂 Our bodies are not made to break down this substance! You are not fucking lactose intolerant, your just not a fucking cow 🙈😂
“But we need meat” -the argument I have with body builders and gym freaks 😓No . We do not need meat! if we needed meat we would all have teeth like a lions to chew threw the meat and bones , but we don’t! We have teeth like chimps! Chimps are herbivores! 🙈😂 we don’t have the digestive system of a tiger , because our bodies are NOT built to break down these fats and toxins !! “But how else will I get gains? I need protein!” Eh hun an elephant is a herbivore , plant based diet ! Have you ever heard someone say “that elephant looks like it could use some meat and protein ” No ! 🙈😂😂
Rant over just watch the video 😂😂”

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